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Relationship Therapy

Relationship therapy is one if the best medicine to the soul. BOM therapy lounge is the best in Africa. We have all it takes to calm your emotions.

We improve your inner mind, all round with our professional counsel and therapy to keep you stable and active.
We offer medical consultation on request, check your vital signs, BP, Sugar level, Weight etc.

All your vital signs to make sure you are fit for therapy.
We have professional sociologist who will take time to work with your mind and emotions.

After therapy we give you a wellness massage to calm your nerves. Breakormakeup therapy lounge is a place to experience therapy.

Hook up and Dating Service

We do hook ups for busy individuals who are too occupied to socialize.
We help you find dream spouses
We work with your specifications and get your desire.
We are professional and we screen clients before any hookups.

Professional therapy

Wellness and Spa

We believe that health, wellness and beauty are linked.
Our bodies are linked to our minds.
From start to finish our dedicated spa teams ensure your journey enhances your well being and elevate your spirit.
Come and enjoy one of BOM signature service.
Whether you select our luxury therapy, normal therpy or VIP therapy, you will enjoy the tranquil experience and the transformational environment.

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available from 08:00Am – 06:00Pm

Address: 8 Ugwuoba Street, Independence Layout, Enugu. By NCC Brown & Brown

Email: contact@breakormakeup.com