Good day bom….please help me I am a woman of 36,

My husband is a serial cheat and we have 2 son(17 and 11) we got married because I was pregnant but was faithful then maybe cause he was broke..after the birth of the second son things went  from better to better for us and we got out of poverty like a flash,my husband sometimes leave the house for 3weeks,I won’t hear a word from him..I don’t bother cause I am pass that,I have managed to convince him to send our first son aboard which he did last year,my husband as a girl he takes around and go aboard with even bought her a car and gave her one of our house to live in which he feels I don’t know,that’s not even my problem or my concern cause I am feed up with him and want to divorce him,I have planned it for a year now to the extent I sold our land and one of our house in Abuja at an handsome price and applied for a masters visa and applied for student visa for my second son too,we suppose to leave the country by August now my problem is that my husband and is girlfriend had a car accident which lead to the girl death and him on a wheel chair and I have made my plans and I don’t love him anymore and still don’t want is family and mine thinking it’s cause he is on wheel chair that’s why I want to leave..I need to divorce him so I can start a new life and don’t want to stay out of pity cause I hate him so much…please help me how do I tell him softly with involving  both families cause nobody knows how he as treated me for years aside from material things people see,I always kept my pain to my self and suffered alone but not anymore…please help am I making the right decision or should I just send my son aboard and stay to care for my husband because of my children.. ”