Bom you need to post this, I urgently need it and your blog is the only blog I read and write to please I know you are on break but post for me I will make it short. My boyfriend engaged me last night and I said yes and as soon as he slipped the ring into my finger, he said and I quote.

Baby, I will satisfy you for the rest of your life, make you a woman, fuck your brains out and never cheat on you, but the only thing I will not be able to give you is money . Bom I have dated his for 2 years with only good sex and no money, I work hard as a woman and I make money am very comfortable even if not rich and he does nothing , actually he said he hates to work so he just does minor yahoo for fun . He has small change, he has a car not like he is poor but he does not have money . He said we will just do a court marriage nothing loud and live happily. My question is, can sex make me happy for the rest of my life? Since I can provide for my self.

I desperately need advise because we are going to court on Thursday. My parents are late so I don’t have close family or friends.

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