My man said he will marry me and take care of my son if only I change his surname to his own .
I am a single mum of 1, got married and divorced and about to get married again but the condition is very uncomfortable, my man loves my son , they play a lot and he sometimes takes him to school and all, but he has never contributed to his up keep or giving me a kobo to help out .
So he proposed to me last month and I accepted the ring but I knew in my heart that I was not ready , because I was wondering how he will marry me without taking care of my son , so yesterday I had to gather myself together to ask him .
I asked him if he will marry my son too and he said NO , I asked why ? And he said because he can not marry a boy who is married, I did not get him.
He said he never wants to contribute to my sons upkeep because his father will still come and take him , that if I want him to be responsible for my son I should change his surname and identity to his own name .
He was so serious about it.
I don’t know if I should consider it because my ex is just a complete useless man , that has not even asked of his son since we separated. The burden will be too much for me alone . Bom do I change my sons surname , he is just 6 years.
I need advise so I don’t mess myself up .

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