Good morning BOM,

Please post and hide my identity.

I discovered yesterday that my fiancee had an abortion without telling me. She spent about 3 weeks in my house last year March and on a particular day we had unprotected sex. The following morning, I gave her money to buy Postinor before leaving for work. She bought and took it, in my presence and I did not touch her again before she left my house.

The following month (April 2018), she left for NYSC camp. After camp, she came back the following month, I saw her briefly before she finally left for service. Meanwhile, all this time she was pregnant for me and she never told me. She knows I am strongly against abortion, besides why will I ask a girl I love and planning to marry to abort my baby.

Sometime around June last year, we had issues and she broke up with me. We got back together May this year. I have so many questions right now on my head and sincerely I don’t even know how I am feeling right now.

And I am wondering how come she got pregnant even after taking emergency pill (Postinor) ?

And why would a woman abort a baby for a man that is willing to take full responsibility of the pregnancy and even marry her? She claims she wasn’t ready to have a baby then.

The most painful part of this whole thing is she hiding it from me because she knows I would never have allowed her to have the abortion.

I don’t even know if I want to continue with the marriage plans anymore, because I feel so deceived.’

#breakormakeup ”