As I am writing, I’ve got tears pilled up in my eyes,  just two nights ago,

I concluded on committing suicide ,but then I need some opinion to know if my predicament is fixable before I take any action. 11 yrs ago,  I had a sexual experience against my consent by the boy I loved so much with every iota of blood in me. I warned this guy that I made a vow never to have sex till I get married.. We dated with no sex for a year & six months. I trusted this guy already that he had good intention for me bcos he didn’t have sex with me .we use to romance, kiss but no sex. One day he rapped me without my consent. And ever since that day till this day I have never enjoyed sex or desired a man sexually..i don’t get wet no matter what, it’s only endure I endure sex.. Mum is pressurizing me to get married now.. But which man will Marry a lady who doesnt get wet or enjoy dick at all?  Mum doesn’t know that’s why am running from men.. Plz Bomites, what can I do about my situation? I mean to restore my sex life?  Sometimes I feel like to look for that boy who took my innocence to kill him and his family,  maybe that will help?  Listen guys, Rape is rape & it’s bad. if there is no solution,  I might have to wipe d boy and his family out of this world & take my own life as well.. No insults plz, just advice thanks

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