Good morning ma..please my identity

There is d’s guy I m dating , I like him alot nd he claims to like me too nd he z saying he z ready for marriage,

but I’ m not so sure about him due to some issues I ‘ll list below.

Firstly,I asked some men of God  to help me pray about our relationship whether we r compatible nd 2 of them said dt at the beginning of our marriage we ‘ll enjoy each other but as time goes on we ‘ll be having issues in our marriage like quarreling every time nd another 2 said we r OK together ….please I want to know whether ur follows has experienced d’s b4 nd the go ahead.

Secondly, he believes alot in spiritual power ,he has bn begging me to get pregnant for him before he can make our relationship former,dt his step mum does nt want him to progress so he doesn’t want to introduce me now, he stays together with 5 of his friends  in lagos wit 50k salary nd he claims dt hia mum is in U.K…Note; I m 32years already.

Thirdly , he his kinda of stingy, the last time I visited him for 5days ,he didn’t gimme a dime for tfare ,he said because I didn’t tell him dt I ‘ll be leaving that day but he calls everyday to check up on me.

There was a time wen we first met dt we were discussing nd I told him I don’t really like Nigeria dt I prefer abroad , he said dt he has bn thinking of relocating too but I shld just get pregnant 1st, recently I asked him what his next step ‘ll be if I shld get pregnant for him now ,he said we ‘ll move to Ibadan nd he ‘ll establish a farm cos he studied a grid economics in skool dt he doesn’t really like abroad…please I m so confused nd I need advice 4rm ur followers…especially about what dey said about our marriage in the future and the stinginess..thanks.

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