Good day to this page .
I have something worrying me , I feel insulted when my girlfriend asked me to come and be doing cab driver , I refused and she said I should come and be working with her in the hotel as a common sales boy because she her self is a receptionist in that hotel. The truth is that I am too handsome to do all that job because women will be disturbing me. I am not proud or forming but I am very handsome even my girlfriend tell me that everyday . I can’t be a cab man , girls will disturb me, I can’t do public work too because they will distract me, so I asked her to loan me money , 400k to use it to start my own business of a barbing shop , where I can cut hair and beard, but she refused bluntly for the first time , so I broke up with her but she refuse to go, she keeps begging and begging .
I finally accepted her back , she gave me 140k and I don’t know how to get the rest of the money . What else can I do as a fine boy to make money. Am not proud I am just saying the truth, I don’t want to tell you how many women disturb me every day of my life . I need advise.

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