Please help post
I have been Dating her for about 2.5years now and she’s Chocking me with let’s get married while I’m still healing from her 5th time of cheating. Asked her several times why she does it and she gives no reason, She’s always angry and mad at me when I talk about the past(TheCheat). she believes if we talk about it, that means I still don’t love or forgiven her.
WTF!!! I’m human and I got an heart and blood too.Why will I marry a lady thats not ready to talk about the past? I think we need to talk about it and I deserve to know the truth if she wants a marriage from me. Her last cheating caused me some kinda depression last year and I think I deserve & have the right to talk about her cheating stuffs if she really wants us to spend the rest of our lives together. I’m I right or wrong people?


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